Or is it:
Media Circus?
The same corporations that are devastating the earth for petro-energy are making petrochemicals that are going into pesticides, and into our food sources and groundwater, as well as our pharmaceuticals. 
The corporate owned media is distracting the public with all manner of fluff to keep them occupied while they destroy entire ecosystems. The technology exists right now to completely avoid this disaster, but these same companies have been buying up the technology in order to continue bloating their profits. Please visit our Free Energy page for more information on these technologies. 
George Soros has created an Agenda 21 CO2 Democrat takeover climate change argument and David Koch has created a CO2 Republican Oil Company take over anti climate change argument. They are both Petro Chemical billionaires, go figure. However, since there are many pollutants from car exhaust and coal other than CO2, such as CO and carbon black, and actual HC or unburned fuel all while the trees are being wiped off the Earth…..let us look at Permaculture answers to environmental cleanup and lets switch to Free Energy and leave their “Heads they Win- Tails you loose” argument behind.

Yet, in the midst of all the double talk and flat our lies we have been given through the mainstream media, there is light in the darkness. There is a growing outcry for truth in this world. Alternative media has grown in leaps and bounds. It is this alternative media that will help the most to spread the good news of solution rather than further destruction for profit. 

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