Free Energy Party Fundraising

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The Free Energy Party is introducing the REVERSE THE GRID CAMPAIGN where the people are the new power producers! The FEP is cleaning the air and water and is working to stop the destruction of the rainforests which contain 2/3 of the species of life on earth and 1/4 of Earths fresh water and 1/2 of Earth’s Oxygen!

Alternative energy products require money to build and produce a device to put on your vehicle or home. This is where a lot of amazing technology, that could be available now, is stuck! We think of ourselves as investors in the coming freedom people will enjoy when they are no longer held captive by the mega energy corporations. To preview the Technology we support check out our Free Energy Page!
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The worldwide economy has had the majority of people struggling to provide for their own families and homes for quite some time now. We at the Free Energy Party are no different, and greatly appreciate the generosity of those who share the dream we have of freedom from economic oppression by the 1%. We fully intend to reverse the power of that 1% over to the 99% with your help!

Our first major fundraising effort successfully raised enough for a prototype generator to begin demonstrating the reality of Free Energy in the coming months. As we go into manufacturing of Free Energy devices the first few off the line will be gifted to these two gentlemen who are fine leaders of their communities, working for good.  

The Free Energy Party will honor Chief Arvol Looking Horse by donating one of the first three Free Energy Generators to him and his people, and announcing this gift worldwide. It will demonstrate that the tar sands and all the other polluting ‘mining’ and creation of energy by monopoly is killing our Earth, and are antiquated medieval technologies, the use of which is tantamount to ecocide! 
The Free Energy Party will then support manufacturing and distribution to all who wish to have a better life.  
Instead of a campaign backed by big corporations, we believe we can pioneer a new path where the people support us directly, using sound, proven technology to bring a far better life to all people.