Environmental Coverups

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Tom Ogle invented a “vapor engine” that would achieve extraordinarily gas mileage: far beyond what was available on the market at that time, and far beyond what seemed to logical given the scientific and technical knowledge at the time. For reasons never clearly explained, although Ogle was able to convince investors to purchase the rights to his invention and pay him royalties for a set period of time, this deal apparently collapsed, and Ogle’s financial state started to grow dire.

At/around the same time, his personal life disintegrated. His wife left him, he began to drink heavily, and he was shot in what was either a street robbery or a dispute (it was never made clear) outside a local tavern he frequented. His drinking increased, and he was apparently taking pain medication for his earlier injury. Additionally, he was arrested for several petty crimes, and he was under investigation for possible tax evasion.

He went to a friend’s home one night in 1981 and then collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died the next day, An autopsy revealed that in addition to alcohol, Ogle had a large quantity of a painkiller in his system, enough to have resulted in an overdose. Apparently no signs of foul play were discovered and the matter was judged to have been a suicide or an accidental overdose. No one at the time considered it to be a murder; speculation about that allegation only began several years after Ogle’s death.

My point: A depressed man, who was facing potential legal troubles and whose personal life was in shambles, dying really isn’t “suspicious.” Ogle, from reports, seemed to be unable to deal with his immediate financial windfall, as well as the pressures it created. Getting injured in a shooting, and having his family leave him, had to create a number of mental stressors which he chose to deal with by drinking.

That he died seems to have been the result of a life cut tragically short by poor decision making and a lack of self-restraint. While that is unfortunate, it was hardly “suspicious.”


Library Research Guides: Borderlands: Mysterious Deaths: Tom Ogle, Inventor 32(2014/15)

Tom Ogle’s investors

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Fuel is being dumped into the sky to maintain artificial scarcity. 51% of all cancers are caused by breathing
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The Stratospheric Ozone protects us from skin cancer and to wipe it out in the next forty years it is possible that no plants can grow or people survive out doors. The FEP demands an end to Ecocide and we will sue Corrupt chemical companies poisoning our water supply with chlorine and destroying our ozone layer with the chlorine atom.
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Petrochemical Cartel owned Big Ag fertilizers dont care if they are using too much or what form it is in, From cornfield experiments in Michigan in 2005, Robertson and colleagues found that the relationship between the amount of fertilizer and production of greenhouse gas is not always linear. When farmers apply larger amounts of fertilizer than initially tested, the relationship appears exponential — applying 200 kilograms of fertilizer could result in four kilograms of gas, for instance. Most of the original field experiments, he says, didn’t look at microbial gas conversion with excess fertilizer, far more than crops need. In such situations, the crops take up as much nitrogen as they can, and the rest goes to soil microbes, Robertson says. “They effectively go to town on that nitrogen,” he says.

Ammonium Nitrate sold by big Ag companies in insane volumes which microbes turn into too much nitrous oxide is not the only problem. Ammonium Nitrate is used to make explosives. That is what was used in Oklahoma City. You simply add diesel to ammonium nitrate and set it off with a primer explosive and boom. It should not be available to every Tom , Dick , and Harry.There are many good alternatives to ammonium nitrates as fertilizer ,chemical mixing with a variety of sulfates can produce safe fertilizers around the world .



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Heads- Koch ……they win
Tails-Soros……….you lose
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CO2 is the sideshow argument to get you to ignore, Nitrous Dioxide, which is also creating dead spots in the gulf as it blocks oxygen…it is runoff from Petrochemical over fertilizing to sell product and it is 300 X more the greenhouse gas than CO2. Also Methane is being released from fracking. Fracking not only destroys our fresh water supplies it cracks the formations holding Methane which is ignored and itself is abt 300 X more the greenhouse gas than CO2. From Coal and out of the tail of cars we have not just CO2 but Carbon Black, Carbon Monoxide which people use to kill themselves in garages, and HC or Hydrocarbon or Unburned fuel , which is the cause of 51% of the cancers as polycyclic or polynuclear hydrocarbons. We are also inundated by the release of cholorine from swimming pools and water supplies and industries such as Magcorp who for every ton of magnesium they produce they release three tons of chlorine into the air which in its light oxide forms reaches the stratosphere where one chlorine atom eats 100,000 to 200,000 ozone molecules in a photochemical chain reaction. This has caused the Earth to fry like bacon in a skillet increasing skin cancer rate by 1000% and killing many species of plants and plankton and algae, which is ALSO being killed by acid rain from these sources. Consistent CO2 in large amounts makes large amounts of Carbonic Acid. This is not a problem in a greenhouse because there is no rain in a greenhouse. Chlorine turns to Hydrochloric Acid Rain. Nitrates turn to Nitric Acid rain. Coal Sulfur turns to Sulfuric Acid Rain. We could go on with coverups they dont tell you about while they finance a trick in your thoughts to get you distracted with cow farts and human exhalation and persuade you to back the oil and coal companies’ wanton poisoning and pollution of the earth. Carbon Taxes, in fact, make the government partners with the polluters in the crime of pollution.

Again, Free Source, clean , renewable energy is the answer not taxes which make the government partners with the crime.

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