Breastfeeding Laws

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Allow me to share more of the story….breast milk contains dramatically powerful anti- inflammatories and vaccines are laden with “adjuvants”, poisons whose job is to actually INFLAME the immune system. This is a cheap way for people with no real product to alert your immune reaction….with mercury or now aluminum, etc. The breast milk will do its job to protect the baby and interferes with the “light the house on fire” method of adjuvants.

Nestle for formulas and Big Pharma for vaccines want to make Motherhood and nature illegal if they could in order to sell more products which just happen to cause increased infant mortality rates…..which Mothers milk protects against.

“Breast milk is an organ. It’s basically the immune system of a baby. It’s how the intestines grow properly, it’s how the baby’s immune system grows properly, and it’s an overlying blanket of protection for that baby against all the microbes that we’re told we need to vaccinate for… The reason being because a baby’s immune system is programmed to be anti-inflammatory. So what do vaccines do?

Vaccinologists say, well, we have a problem… that baby’s immune system is dormant, it’s not doing what it should do, we need to rev it up with aluminum and with vaccination. And that goes completely against the blueprint.
… They have to [put aluminum in] because if you were to put a vaccine into a baby without aluminum that baby’s immune wouldn’t respond at all because the program of the infant immune system is to be anti-inflammatory… Everything about that infant immune system is programmed from the time of birth or slightly after birth to stay anti-inflammatory for the first two years. So anything you do to rev up that baby’s immune system is going against the natural God-given blueprint in that baby.

… [Breast milk] is beyond good, and they are still discovering… you know, National Institutes of Health scientists in 2013 are still saying they have a lot to learn about breast milk. They’re finding molecules in breast milk that nuke cancer on the spot, and oncology is now taking advantage of that. There are molecules in break milk that kill certain kinds of bacteria that have capsules on the outside like pneumococcus, which is another thing that we vaccinate for.

But what’s miraculous about it is that normally when there’s killing of a microbe there’s massive inflammation, but in the presence of breast milk there’s almost no inflammation, because you have all those anti-inflammatory molecules..

So you have this miraculous organ that’s transferring over hundreds of thousands of T-cells, stem cells in breast milk to help that baby grow, re-grow anything that went wrong. You have genetic material that can go in and intersperse in that baby’s own genetic material and cure genetic diseases. There’s medical literature showing that wet nurses can cure genetic certain instances.

… What they found, I believe this study was done in the Middle East, is that, with certain genetic disorders, that if a woman who doesn’t have that disorder, breastfeeds a baby, her genetic material, called microRNA, can go in there and cure that problem. Now, I’m not saying that it cures all genetic diseases. But I’m saying that there are programs in breast milk that we’re only starting to really understand.” — Dr. Suzanne Humphries

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HAMLET is a protein-lipid complex that is formed from alpha-lactalbumin when the protein changes its tertiary conformation and binds oleic acid as a cofactor. This acid is found in the stomach. This, simply said, means that breast milk turns into HAMLET in the stomach and has been shown to enter the body in tact. HAMLET induces apoptosis or “cell death” in a wide range of tumor cells. Breast milk kills Cancer!
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“This study provides significant insight into the amazing ability of breast milk to destroy HIV and prevent its transmission,” said J. Victor Garcia, PhD, senior author on the study and professor of medicine in the UNC Center for Infectious Diseases and the UNC Center for AIDS Research!


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